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Meeting with His Excellency, Dr. Rosiah, Governor of Tamilnadu, presenting my research paper on
pornogrphy and its affects on women and youth in the nation of India. At Raj Bhavan, Bangalore.
Meeting with Aux. Bishop Don Sproxton of Perth, Western Australia. Bishop Sproxton had blessed
and released the book on Theology of the Body & Sexual Integrity, authored by Dr. Dominic Dixon
How much are you
Abandoned or
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!
Pain conquered
Handling emotions
Freedom in Christ is an audio series that was
aired on HSI MoreLove Radio.
Short Movie
Pre-marital sex, to do
or not!

A movie on Pro-Life, and
abstaining from sec before
marriage. The message of this
video is:

Pre-marital sex, condemn
it, don;t condom it!

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Archbishop Bernard Moras
Archbishop of Bangalore
Archbishop Thumma Bala
Archbishop of Hyderabad
Bishop Camillo Ballin
Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia
Bishop Robert Miranda
Bishop of Gulbarga
Dr. Dominic Dixon is doing a good job training the
faithful in Psychology.
His Grace, Most Rev. Dr.Bernard Moras,
Archbshop of Bangalore
Dr. Dominic Dixon is in good standing and is
recognized by society
Dr. G.C. Prakash, IAS
Deputy Commissioner & District
Magistrate Bangalore District
Dr. Dominc Dixon is doing a commendable job
amongst the youth in India and around the
world. He is a respected Christian Evangelist
bearing good character.
Dr. H T Sangliana, IPS
Former Police Commissioner of Bangalore
Chairman, Minorities Commission
Dr. Dixon has addressed our Educational
Secretaries and has conducted training programmes
for ourTeachers, Principals and Secretaries on skills
to cope with the issues of modern day students.
The research and work carried out by Dr. Dominic
Dixon will certainly benefit educationists and
Rev. Sr. Dr. Genevieve,
Secretary, Karnataka Regional Commission
for Education
Dr. Dominic Dixon is an active and dynamic
person of the Catholic Church from Bangalore.
He is actively involved in animating and
mentoring young people through Life Skill
Training.He is a committed Catholic Evangelist.
Rev. Fr. Franklin D'Souza
ICYM National Youth Director
Dr. Dixon is actively involved with the
Church and Society at large, in helping
with his tireless efforts for the youth. And I
love and respect him for the passion
he puts in defending the Christian
principles before the public without any
fear whatsoever. Dr. Dixon is a
respected Evangelist. May God continue
to bless his efforts!
Rev. Fr. Dr. Dominic Emmanuel,
Spokesperson & Director, Delhi
Dr. Dominic Dixon is a Catholic Evangelist in the
Archdiocese of Bangalore and is doing a fantastic
job with our youth. He has trained more Catholics in
one year that anyone else.
Simon Rodrigues, Chairman, Bangalore
Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services
Dr. Dixon is one of the most interviewed Christian Evangelist in India having been interviewed by CNN, NDTV, India Today, Times of India, Headlines Today, Agence FrancePresse
and other International News channels and projected in over 100 Provinces worldwide in regards to his work amongst the youth..

Dr. Dixon has represented & defended the views of the
Catholic Church in the areas of sexual ethics & pro-life
Pornogr@phy and its devastating consequences
on the Youth & Women in the Nation of India

A research paper by Dr. Dominic Dixon, for the
Government of India. This paper proves that
pornographic use is addictive and has contributed to
rape and molestation in India. This paper also
proves that brain function deteriorates when watching
Theology of the Body & Sexual Integrity

A research paper by Dr. Dominic Dixon, presented
to the Catholic Church for use of the Marriage
Preparation Course in the Family Commissions and
amoungst Youth Groups.

It deals with the matiral fidelity and fidelity to the
union of Church to Christ.
Can Utilitarianismm
Protect Rights?
Utilitarianism plays fast and loose with God’s
commandments by incting the Utility theory of "greater
happiness for the greater number - GHGN". If lying, stealing,
or killing could lead to an increase of happiness for the
greatest number, Act Utilitarianism says we should lie, steal
or kill. Isn’t that a rejection of Gods commands? Utilitarianism
is a secular alternative to Divine Command theory; therefore,
the concept of Utilitarianism seems to be on borrowed
ethics which is post facto, not rational or reasoning.
According to classical utilitarianism, the sole moral
obligation is to Maximize utility (= happiness = pleasure).
In this world of sophisticated secular
philosophy, we still debate on what is
right and wrong and we debate on
the metaphysics and the epistemology
of morals. Perhaps our sophistication is
not in line with ethics of the
absolute thought but of a superficial and
self knowledge, subjective and
convenient understanding of morality.
Moral Absolutism
Conceptually sophisticated ethics and
the break down of Moral Absolutism
© 2015 Dr. Dominic F. Dixon. All rights reserved.
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Evangelist | Author | Social Reformer
MINISTRIES under the banner of Holy Spirit Interactive
Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. 27.09.2014. I was invited to present my research paper to the Leaders of India and to those who represent the Prime Minister. Those present were the leaders of the BJP,
RSS, VHP and other groups of the Central Government. Being the only Christian, it was a bit intimidating but I was welcomed graciously. The other key note speaker was the prominent Journalist & Political
Analyst Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik. We welcome the change that is going to happen in this country, addressing the grave issues that are persisting!
Archbishop Anil C.J. Couto
Archbishop of Delhi
by Family Mantra Magazine
Letter to Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, Hon'ble Minister of HRD, in regards to
the Governmnet observing"Good Governance Day' and the
birthdays of Shri A B Vajpayee and Shri Madan Mohan Malviya. This
move will force schools to funciton on Christmas Day which will
deprive Christian students from celebrating Christmas!

IImage source: Public Domain
The initiation to celebrate the "Good Governance Day" on the 25th of
December is rather Prophetic as the Holy Bible in Isaiah 9:6 says this about
Jesus Christ, whose birthday is celebrated on the 25th of December: "For to
us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on his

Click here to download and read the letter to the Hon'ble Minister of HRD
Letter to Shri Ramalinga Reddy, Transport Minister, Karnataka, in
regards to the BMTC drivers & conductors urinating in pubilc view
on Brigade road in Bangalore. Inspite of repeated grieveances from
the public, the Ministry of Transport has not taken the necessary
action. Complaint against the MD of the BMTC, Ms. Ekroop Caur.

Photo used with permission from Prathyush Thomas
Bangalore Central consists of around 42,000 students, mostly girls who are
subject to this degrading sight. Most reverentially, there is St. Patricks Church, a
Catholic place of worship that diagonally faces the area of disposition..... .
How you would feel if you see a man exposing himself in public while female
members of your family are passing by, with you at their side?

Click here to download and read the letter to the Hon'ble Minister of Transport
India – A tri-colour nation, not Saffron!
Dr. Dominic F Dixon has submitted a report of the event to Tabor
Magazine, the official magazine of the Archdiocese of Bangalore.
This report carries information of the current events that have
been systematically orchestrated against the Church in India by
fringe Hindutva groups.
The sad and mysterious demise of an upright IAS officer in Bangalore had brought questions and suspicions to the family and civil society. Dr. Dixon was a leading voice, demanding for a CBI
probe so that the state government has a clear stand. Whether it was a homicide or a suicide, civilians wanted a clean and independent probe due to the sensitive nature of the officer who has
gone head on with the real estate mafia and has recovered almost 200 crores and was about to penalise other companies too. The scene of the crime was contaminated and section 174 of the
Code of Criminal Procedure was violated. Chapter III, 7. Guarding the scene of the crime. The State government finally gave in on Monday, 23rd March, after more than a week of agitation and
handed over the case to the CBI. Dr. Dixon was invited by state and national news channels to discuss and debate on the subject matter.
Please note: Dr. Dixon does not make any judgement on the case and trusts that the principals of natural justice will prevail. Dr. Dixon echoed the cries of the grieving family and civil society
that wanted an independent enquiry. Dr. Dixon respects the rulers of the land with due diligence and has no affiliation with any political party.
TIMES NOW: March, 31. 2015: From Karnataka to Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, honest officers hounded by a corrupt system.
Discussing the prevailing issues of civil servants and honest government officers who face the wrath of corrupt officials and ministers.
This time, driving engineer Muthukumaraswamy to death. His only crime: appoint drivers without taking a bribe. In a debate moderated
by TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelists -- C Rajashekaran, Advocate , Madras HC; Dr Sumanth C Raman,
Political Commentator; C R Kesavan, Spokesperson, Congress and Dr Dominic F Dixon, Psychologist & Activist for Civil Liberties --
discuss the issue -- is the state hiding the truth on officer Muthukumaraswamy's death?
Senior Engineer in Tamilnadu driven to death for not taking bribes on behalf of bureaucrats
NEWS 9: April, 09. 2015:Was on News 9, discussing the pros and cons of the Tender SURE project in Bangalore where extremely
broad pavements have been installed, while narrowing the roads. My take was that instead of having such wide pavements which are
more than 30% of the roads and in some areas, more broader that the roads itself, we could have had an EMERGENCY LANE for
ambulance and fire engines, considering the emergency situation in Bangalore and it's road jams with insensitive and undisciplined
The Tender SURE project taken up by the state government has courted controversies. It has come
to light that the footpaths constructed under this plan are found to be wider than the roads.
NEWS 9: April, 11. 2015: Was on News 9 to discuss the topic of Does Facebook cause depression? We had a panel of experts and
students who shared their views on the subject.
My take was, excessive, compulsive and impulsive usage is harmful and could be an
indicator for addiction and in essence, depressive to the consumer. I also stressed that comparison between friends on Facebook
could be healthy if within bounds, for example, if we say that we want India to be like Singapore, that is a healthy comparison which
bench marks us to improve and rejuvenate.
Does Facebook lead to depression? New Study Links Facebook To Depression
NEWS 9: April, 13. 2015: Was on News 9 to discuss the topic of NET NEUTRALITY: SAVE THE INTERNET.
My take was, peaking on the subject of "Net Neutrality" I had raised several points. My analytics indicate that the consultation paper
on the subject by the government is not civilian oriented but corporate oriented. CONSULTATION PAPER: The word consumer 58
times but never in favour of the consumer, but instead, on how the consumer’s revenue would be consumed by the operator. OTT is
mentioned 382 times. Cost is mentioned 61 times. Free, 44 times. Government 22. TSP 265
NEWS 9: April, 22, 2015: Was on panel to discuss the issue of cyber security, especially for our children and youth who are prone to
online abuse. The concern arose when a Saudi Arabia Facebook page had pictures of young girls and men from around the world,
especially Kerala posted lewd sexual comments about their fantasies with those children

We mainly discussed about the ambiguous cyber laws in India and the lack of will of the cops to act against cyber crimes. My point
on this was, if the cyber crime cell cannot arrest someone for a violation, then why have the cell in the first place?
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9

TIMES NOW SPECIAL: April, 24, 2015: Was on panel to discuss the issue of VVIP RACISM and misuse of political power above the
common man. "What is it that an MP gets that a frequent flyer does not get? Our country is a big country. MPs do travel by air. MP
bashing can be fashionable," Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju issues bizarre VVIP logic.

My point was that when a political minister is put above the common man when the common man is in more need (golf cart at the
aircraft/ water, etc), then that is wrong. Also, the media should remove the PRESS sticker and forfeit privilages.
NEWS 9: May, 01, 2015: On April 30th, Bangalore had experienced un-seasonal, pre-monsoon rains for twenty five minutes which
crippled the city and brought it to its knees. Trees had fallen by the hundreds and ironically at its base which only spoke volumes of
the negligence of the municipality, the BBMP to test and maintain these trees.

Traffic was at its worst because of the pot holes, again the inefficiency of the BBMP. On the show, the BBMP Commissioner
Mr. Kumar Naik, IAS took some straight questions.

NEWS X: May, 01, 2015: In light of the growing number of cases of psychological and physical assault on students in India, the
government needs to take strict measures to curb this dangerous act.

My take was, that teachers should first be psychologically evaluated before being employed as a teacher because many of these
teachers have their own psychologically undealt-with emotions that periodically erupt. Further, as a psychologist who has counselled and
trained many teachers around the world, I mentioned that many (not all) of these teachers have their own biological children of the same
age as their students and not being successfully in disciplining their own kids, they take it out on their students as a control mechanism.
TIMES NOW: May, 11, 2015: After a Delhi traffic police assaulted a woman with a brick, fracturing her hand, I had demanded that the
Police Commissioner & the Home Minister sack the cop and book him under these sections of the IPC:
- 503. Criminal intimidation
- 323- Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt
- 354. Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty
- 307. Attempt to murder.
The officials have done exactly that. The cop is booked and terminated and will not enjoy immunity or protection under the state police
protection of the IPC
FIGHT BRIBE, GET BRICKS? : The Newshour Debate
NEWS 9, June, 05, 015: Nobody can deny the fact that Indian society is still struggling to understand homosexuality - it's rights and
wrongs. But a recent incident in Bengaluru has sent shock waves across the nation. According to reports, a mother raped her son to cure
his homosexuality in the name of carrying out a corrective rape, which has become a bitter reality in India.
Apparently, the gay boy was forced to have sex with his mother to change his sexual orientation. According to LGBT Collective in
Telangana, families are seeking help from relatives to shockingly 'cure' their children by raping them. And, though it may sound
completely disgusting, the group has received as many 15 reports of 'corrective rape' in the last five years, as reported by Dailymail.
RAPE TO CURE | CORRECTIVE RAPE | Bengaluru mother rapes son to cure his homosexuality
Dr. Dominic F Dixon was recipient of the St. Maximilian Kolbe award for “Excellence in Communication” INDIA, 2015, awarded by Living Bread Publications

A case of Human Rights violation was filed against the Managing Director of the BMTC, Ms. Ekroop Caur for deliberately depriving the
rights and liberties of the BMTC staff, thereby causing severe medical conditions.

The Karnataka State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) after studying the matter, has found merit in my petition and has started an
enquiry. The Hon'ble Lokayukta has also summoned the officer.
Human Rights violations case registered against
Ms. Ekroop Caur, IAS, MD of BMTC, Gov. of Karnataka
Image source: |
TIMES NOW: July, 02, 2015: #VVIPRACISM: I was on two segments of Times Now debate yesterday on the ongoing VVIP culture in
India. I had pulled up the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, Kiren Rijiju, MoS Union Home Ministry and MK Stalin of the
DMK. The BJP Minister on the debate had argued with me when I had questioned the " unacceptable tolerance" of the Prime Minister in
connivance with his erring ministers.

My response was "The PM is the captain of the country and his cabinet - and if he does not lead the country and his ministers, who will?
If he does not take appropriate actions against corrupt ministers, who else will? It is because he is inactive and a man will hollow words,
that the media and activists are addressing the matter."
NEWS 9 & TIMES NOW: July/ 6-7/ 2015: Supreme Court gender biased ruling: An unwed mother can become the guardian of a
child, without the consent of the father." What precedent is the SC setting with the encouragement to a "disgruntled" mother to
deprive the child's father of its existence and paternal care?

My points were:
(a) it is not about the mother or about women, it is about the mother being selfish and depriving the CHILD of a father.
(b) The court should have applied its mind that it's not about monetary stability of the mother, but the domain of family, where the
father's presence is as equal as the mothers.
(c) The court should have taken the father into consideration to see whether he wanted to be ex parte or a part of the child's life; as
the woman could have been disgruntled towards the man whom she had an illicit affair with, thereby ruining a family and destroying
the life on another WOMAN.
(d) The Supreme Court verdict is incomplete and incorrect and is gender biased.
(e) At this rate, we are heading towards a nation of fatherless children who will grow up to become criminal offenders, as statistics
has warned us that in the absence of a father, the child is prone to self destruction.
SUPREME COURT: An unwed mother can become the guardian of a child,
without the consent of the father.
PUBLIC DOMAIN: July/09/2015: CIVIL SOCIETY EXPRESSES that ICICI bank has falsely promised customers with resolutions of their
grievances, but has only further antagonized its customers with mundane, incoherent and robotic responses.

An almost - open letter to the MD & CEO/ Chairman of ICICI Bank on the inefficiency & delinquency of
ICICI Bank and the #VVIPCorporate cult of its Board of Directors.
Image source: Public domain.
copyright ICICI BANK
NEWS 9: July/10/2015: I was approached by the Indian Army, at my office, to stand up for the sanctity of the war memorial erected on
Brigade road. The city corporation, BBMP on behalf of the BMTC had installed two e-toilets on the war memorial. The memorial was
established during Pre-independence for the soldiers who had laid down their lives for the country.

The Army officials have been requesting the city corporation from February to remove the toilets as the establishment of the toilet block
right next to the War Memorial tantamounts to an insult to the supreme sacrifice of countless soldiers in the line of duty
BBMP (Bangalore City Corporation) insults the sanctity of the Indian Army War Memorial
NEWS 9: July/10/2015: Was on a discussion on News 9 on the topic of the pandemic of hikikomori (in Japan) the abnormal avoidance of
social contact, typically by adolescent males. a person who avoids social contact.

India seems to have it's own hikikomori with the growing number of isolation with our young people; who have their own private rooms;
cloistered with the electronic devices.
NEWS 9: July/21/2015: With the growing number of hate groups around the country, there is a need to sensitize civilians. While there are
people who are ridiculed and discriminated for not speaking the local language; there are also people who criticize the local language,
even while enjoying the freedom that the city/ state offers.

In this segment, we had discussed about the anti Kannada campaign on Facebook by disgruntled students.
NEWS 9: August/03/2015: Was on panel for a discussion on Pornography and it's ban. I had iterated that consumers of porn develop a
change in brain function as it leads to addiction. Further, I reiterated that because of the addictive nature of porn, the government should
come out with statutory warnings on the lines of tobacco and alcohol.

A internet company executive stated that "What's nudity to one person might be art to someone else." Well, my response is that (a) "art
is not meant to titillate the perverted sexual appetite of people; (b) art does not change brain function into toxic thoughts of it's
consumers; (c) art is not addictive.
05.08.2015, Just as any movie would have a script writer, a director and actors; it is the same with the pornographic industry. As there
are genres in the media industry; the same exists in the adult entertainment industry too. One such type of audience and consumers are
those with sexual fetishism to view child pornography. However, while our government prohibits and bans child pornography, the
pornographic industry is currently beating the Indian system– simply by portraying young boys and girls as little children – consequently
insinuating child pornography.

I have coined this term as CPS or child pornography simulation.
16.08.2014, TIMES NOW: Karnataka Chief Minister's convoy holds up traffic while blocking 3 ambulances as he
canvases for the BBMP elections. Traffic Warden Athyanarayana HM was perturbed and took to Facebook to post
his anguish, he stated “I even approached and requested the CM security police jeep that was coming from Gayatri
Vihar to allow the ambulances to pass, but they just pushed me and went ahead."
I had given my reaction on Times Now.

I had written an open letter to the Chief Minister of Karnataka

The Hon'ble CM had promptly replied to my letter and took the appropriate action.
Dear Sir, Dr. MS Saleem, IPS, Joint Commissioner, Traffic, BCP

Dr. Dominic F Dixon, Povost of Ethos Institute has sent a mail to the Honourable Chief Minister showing his concern and about the inconvenience caused
to the Ambulances during the passing of Chief Ministers Convoy, the same is forwarded herewith. It is to bring to your kind notice that Honourable Chief
Minister has already instructed that no Ambulance shall be stopped during the convoy movement and if need be the Convoy can be stopped to have the
easy movement of Ambulances. You are requested to kindly pass on the instructions to all the concerned Officers to strictly follow the same.

Thanking you,
With Warm Regards,
Syed Khaja Mohiddin,
Special Officer to Chief Minister,
Government of Karnataka.
Joint Commissioner Traffic had immediately acted on the CM's instruction
and issued a circular that no ambulanance shall be stopped during the
movement of the CM or any other ministers
12 Aug 2015. NEWS 9 | In the age of internet, communicating to your near and dear ones is just a phone call or a text away. As more
and more people are resorting to interacting online, there is another trend that is catching up, especially among the teens and that is
sexting. Sexting is exchange of or sharing sexually explicit messages, visuals or images.
NEWS 9 | 19 Aug 2015 Using Facebook has always been a debatable question especially when our privacy is at risk. Nevertheless there
are millions across the world who use facebook, sharing many pictures, thoughts and opinions and other personal & sensitive information.

But is all that you share protected? Well, it is time for you to re-think now. Facebook has introduced a new header called private under
which it ensures that all the personal information you have shared is protected. But the reality is quite different. A British software
engineer has come up with a startling development. He came across a security loophole in facebook that potentially makes every user’s
information available easily to anyone, just by using the phone number uploaded by him or her. Cyber criminals misuse the data procured
from facebook. So today we are here to discuss the big question-Is it really safe to put up your number on facebook?
INDIA: A country of particular concern

To a civilian, it's not about a political party but about the effectiveness of the "serving" government. Regrettably, in India an
admirable statesman could morph into a questionable politician because of the unwritten corruptive dictum of the "ruling" party.
India has seen almost a dozen former Chief Ministers either prosecuted or convicted for corruption.

This is injustice and injustice is an obstruction of justice according to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)
(UNODC Chapter III Articles 15-24): this act may not be considered as a criminal offence according to domestic legislation, but is
"Quiet Corruption' and is an act against human rights.
Image source:
COWS IN INDIA:Conference on Cow calls for renewed unity among Minorities to fight divisive
politics of the Sangh Parivar and communal forces that weaken the Indian Democracy.

10.11.2015: In 2015, we are still debating about the COW, instead of feeding the hungry!
PM Modi wears a Nehru jacket, CM of Karnataka, Siddhuramiah wears a dhoti and CM of Tamilnadu, Jayalalitha eats only
curd rice, no one dare question their choice. I eat at beef, shut up!
Don't judge me by the content of my plate, but judge me by the content of my character!
The RSS if it wills, can be the driving force of the nation - feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, but
instead, it behaves like a misguided missile!
20.10.2015 Bengaluru: Over a dozen corporators are staring at a disqualification in Bangalore for not declaring their assets and
liabilities even a month after the election of the new Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Council.

What the law says: According to Section 19 of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, every corporator has to file a
declaration of his assets and liabilities with the mayor.Speaking to iamin, Dr Dominic F Dixon of We The People of Bengaluru, filing a
declaration of all assets is the responsibility of all the corporators. "Within 30 days of taking office, every BBMP corporator is required
to file his/her statement of wealth. If they do not do so then they are immediately disqualified - no questions asked. A large number of
our newly elected corporators simply have not filed their assets and the Mayor has acknowledged that during our meeting. No court
can help such defaulters as the law is absolute and not ambigious,'' Dr Dixon said.
23.09.2015: In the wake of serial deaths on the streets of
Bengaluru due to the negligence of the civic body, the BBMP, a
forum was formed to combat this issue. We have filed cases
against the BBMP Commissioner, the Mayor and other ministers
who are culpable for the deaths of innocent civilians. The BBMP
have not followed the Indian Roads Congress norms in laying of
the roads or in filling pot holes. A techie lost her life while riding
pillion and her husband was booked for rash driving when the
actual culprits are the BBMP officials.
The other dignitaries were, Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, M Chandrasekhar, IPS, Bansy Kalappa, Special Correspondent, News 9
and Kannada actress Subha Punja.

(a) Colonialism has to do with the feeling of inferiority. (b) DISCRIMINATION: Why is it that scantily clad girls performing cabaret dances
to item numbers are banned from performing in dance bars on Brigade road and all over the country; while it is legitimate for Sunny Leone
to dance half naked on the silver screen? This is because of our "colonial mentality" that we have inherited. When these girls were
interviewed, they said that they do it because of their agonizing poverty and to support an ailing parent. But Indians would glorify actresses
performing lustful item numbers for gain. (c)
My story… I was born "black" into an Anglo Indian family, hence stereotyped. My defense
was "God made the little children, God made them in the day. God made the little negros, God made them in the night. God made them in
a hurry and forgot to make them white smile." (d) That many modern day women are so inferior, that they need to present themselves as
sex objects on the silver screen for men to gape and grope! (e) Many of our men are so inferior, that we prefer to buy a fake Rolex watch
rather than buy a genuine Titan. (f) We would rather support a white skinned man rather than an innocent tanned skinned man. (g) We
would never argue the price of a bottle of coke but we would argue the price of a tender coconut. (h) Our girls would rather wear a fake
Armani or Prada purse rather than wearing a genuine Indian product. (i) I’ve seen Indians in the West change their names from Raj to
Roger. Hi my name is Roger…(j) An American would never change their accent to that of an Indian, but you would find an Indian fake an
American accent to an American, to please him to "fit it" but would refuse the learn and speak the local language of an Indian state that
they have relocated to. (k)-- Language stereotypes: every language has a cultural personality and that language is intrinsic and cannot be
stereotyped or undermined. When a language is stereotyped, you discredit that culture, and when you discredit a culture, you discredit a
nation…. Don’t discredit your own nation. (l) An American would never take a conference call from their Indian counterpart after 6pm. But
an "Indian corporate slave" would take a call form an America at midnight. (m) Indians are sometimes like a man that fled from a lion only
to meet a bear, as though he entered his house and rested his hand on the wall only to have a snake bite him. The enemy lies within, we
are our own enemies! (n) It amazes me when an Indian goes to America for "Community Development" as if India is over developed. (o) We
some how seem to have lost our indigenous heritage.(p) Indians mimic our colonial visitors that were in power and as they began to
associate that power and success with the foreigners' ways. This eventually led to the foreigners' ways being regarded as the better way
and being held in a higher esteem than previous indigenous ways. This is why we ill treat our subordinates and our domestic help,
because we were first I'll treated. This is why the concept "dignity of labour" does not exist in India. (q) Colonialism has taught us that
white is beautiful and every colour otherwise is intrinsically ugly.
ARE WE REALLY FREE" Colonial mindset & language stereotypes speech at Bishop Cottons Womens College, Bangalore
India’s ugly face of racism & stereotyping
An African female student was beaten, stripped and her car burnt, because an African from
another country, not connected to her, had met with an accident and killed a Bengalurean.

But what definition is Bengaluru a cosmopolitan city anymore? Racial attacks are
increasingly being orchestrated by radicalized localities, inspired by cast bank, communal
politicians. To attack one African for the act of another African is attacking a race.

It's like a foreigner attacking an Indian for a crime committed by a Pakistani because we
have similar racial features!
I protested against such violence and racism. Was on Times Now & India Today
news channels.